I am an avid podcast listener. Since I work from home every day, I have made it my routine to start the day with a walk and again in the afternoon. On my walks I catch up on my favorite podcasts – they give me a great break and often makes me think differently and come up with great ideas. There are so many podcasts out there, and my podcast list is longer than the ones I am listing here today, but you have to start somewhere and today I am only focusing on the many great English spoken podcasts where design and/or interior is the main topic.

1. Clever

Each week interior designer Amy Devers and Jamie Derringer, founder of Design Milk, have a very clever and candid conversation with some of the heavyweights in interior design like Jonathan Adler and Lee Broom. They discuss everything from their humble beginnings to some their biggest career milestones. It is all very inspiring if you ask me.

2. Hello Holly

This bi-weekly podcast is hosted by my good friend and blogger colleague Holly Becker. Every episode is a candid, positive and very real conversation with a new guest, ranging from designers to authors, stylists to trend experts. They share a lot of great practical ideas that you can easily apply to your home. 

3. More Than One Thing

I am obsessed with Athena Calderone at the moment. Her passion and drive are a huge inspiration to me. She is an interior designer, chef, creator of EyeSwoon, and just released her second book Live Beautiful. On her recently launched podcast (6 episodes so far) Athena refers to herself and her guests as multi-hyphenates. Each episode, she interviews a rotating guest who has dedicated their life to multiple disciplines, one of the being Colin King – who’s work you’ll see pretty much everywhere at the moment. 

4. Sidespor

Okay, I lied, but just had to include this podcast, though it is mostly in Danish, there is one episode in English. Sidespor (sidetrack) is basically a random conversation between two friends Daniel & Sebastian, though trying to keep it mostly to talks about creativity, entrepreneurship, social media and self-development. The episode you should listen too, is the one with Ruben Hughes, a New Yorker who moved to Copenhagen. I admire people who follow their dreams and follow them to another country even if they don’t know anyone.

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